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The SCOAP coaching framework is an exciting new approach to leveraging the capabilities of the human brain for top performance. By applying cutting-edge neuroscience, I use this framework to help clients boost innovation, improve performance, consolidate their reputation, increase their agility and promote collaboration. Individual coaching also has a positive knock-on effect on the whole organisation. Here’s a summary of how I apply this theory, and how you can benefit:

The human brain is where decisions are made, thoughts formed and inspiration born. Since my coaching focuses on these crucial mental processes, I can achieve even greater success for my clients by understanding how the brain functions; in other words, an analysis of how neurons connect and form neural networks. EyeWire and the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative are currently mapping the activities of every neuron in the brain. The goal is to determine how, why and when neurons fire to produce innovative thinking. Using these scientific insights into brain function, I can unleash my clients’ untapped resources, which in turn trigger fundamental and lasting change.

First, I assess the knowledge, opinions, learning abilities, mental models, beliefs and aims of my clients. Then, together we analyse how these critical brain functions are used to evaluate a problem and produce a viable solution. Interestingly, finding a solution is typically not the challenge: the key to innovation is coming up with a practically applicable solution quickly and efficiently that intelligently exploits the available materials or resources. In leaders, the ability to formulate innovative solutions rapidly and confidently is the key to success, particularly in departments or organisations facing new challenges. A leader’s ability to find innovative solutions is then passed on and reproduced by those under their supervision, exponentially improving the group’s overall performance.

But innovative ideas are useless if they cannot be implemented effectively. When individual performance levels are low, innovative thinking is wasted. That’s why I also focus on enhancing performance effectiveness and efficiency. By scientifically improving mental stability, I can tap your inner potential. First, I carefully consider the physical and mental patterns you follow in daily life to precisely calibrate your performance level and overall productivity. I then guide you in making targeted adjustments in mind-body alignment, sociability, judgment and planning to ensure you continue to improve and exceed expectations.

Agility, partnership skills and reputation are also essential to successful leadership. Agility means intellectual acuity; in other words, the ability to produce solutions or draw conclusions from raw data within the shortest time possible. As with performance, innovation that comes too late and cannot be implemented is useless. As a coach, I develop and grow your reasoning abilities, pushing you to continually repeat the mental processes that will produce innovation and strengthen your agility and then train you to constantly scan your environment, looking for creative ways to make changes that will improve operations or performance.

Similarly, partnership or collaboration is vital to any organisation. Since collaboration is based on individual relationships, this is typically a strength that leaders cultivate. But providing a framework that fosters a collaborative environment in fluctuating conditions is more of a challenge. Research has shown that vision, passion, trust and self-expression are essential for building partnerships across an organisation. I therefore teach you how to promote and master these factors, so that you can apply them flexibly. The result is sustained success, thanks to longer-lasting ties with your clients and partners.

Finally, success in all these areas benefits an individual or organisation’s reputation. Reputation in any context is a function of culture and ethics, and these larger value systems have a neurological basis as well. Thanks to my knowledge of the latest scientific research, I can alter or reinforce these systems in my clients, so they can make the most of their achievements and promote themselves in a culturally and ethically effective way.